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We are a student-faculty liaison committee working toward increasing communication between students and faculty within the Biology Department.

3D: Difference for the Developmentally Disabled

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A Better Chance Tutoring (ABC)

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AAS Budgetary Committee

Established by the Constitution of the Association of Amherst Students, the AAS Treasurer and Budgetary Committee (BC) are responsible for the finances of all student organizations at Amherst College.

AC Electronics

Founded in the spring of 2012, the Amherst College Electronics Club provides an opportunity for students to learn about embedded electronics and develop team projects.

AC Investment Club

AC Investment Club

AC Voice

AC Voice is a student-written, student-run web publication. AC Voice is a place to share our ideas, observations, and thoughts. We want to create an inclusive space that can both be respectful and push intellectual boundaries, where anyone can join.

Active Minds

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Adventist Christians Together to Serve (ACTS)

Our goal: to learn how to live a life within higher-education environments that is Christ-centered and Biblically consistent. That involves providing for the homeless, encouraging students, praying, Bible study. All programs and services are open to all.

African & Caribbean Student Union

African & Caribbean Students' Union is a club dedicated to discussing issues pertaining to African & Caribbean identities and planning event(s) to celebrate the rich culture of the regions.

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